Fellow ministers
Barratt, Thomas Ball

Boddy, Alexander A.
Dowie, John Alexander
du Plessis, David J.
Frodsham, Stanley
Gee, Donald
Jeffreys, George
Jeffreys, Stephen
McPherson, Aimee Semple

Montgomery, Carrie Judd
Myerscough, Thomas
Petrus, Lewi
Polhill, Cecil H.
Roberts, Harry V.
Salter, James and Alice
Wigglesworth, Polly

From Brixton to the Royal Albert Hall
Your Daughters shall Prophesy
Everywhere Spoken Against

More biographies will be added to this list as they are completed shortly



Sunderland Convention 1913
Sunderland Convention 1913

The Pentecostal Revival that now encircles the globe, embracing around five hundred million Spirit-filled Christians, had small and humble beginnings. We present here biographies of some of the more significant pioneers that were in some way connected with Smith Wigglesworth, mainly those from the UK.

Their individual stories are each an inspiration and together they weaved the tapestry of a period of history that began a new era of the Holy Spirit.